In the 1970s, Herman’s Mother was instrumental in setting up the families first patty manufacturing plant. the plant was Based in Wolverhampton in the UK and shortly followed by yet another factory setup in Birmingham. Back in the 70s you would often hear shop-keepers state, that their patties comes from either Birmingham or Wolverhampton, these were factories owned by Herman’s family!

 In 2007, based on Herman’s knowledge and experience in the patty manufacturing field, and Delsie financial background having worked with various high street banks and the Chamber of Commerce, they decided to start an operation of their own.

The Name Paradise Patties came about by chance. We were sitting in the office one day with a French gentleman discussing a website, name for the patty and a logo when this lady walked in and said is this the place where the sell the paradise patties your patties transcend us to paradise and the French gentleman said that’s what we will call it. Hence paradise Patties was born. In recent years we learned that there is a paradise patty company in Jamaica. I’m not sure if that lady knew about them and was just using a play on words we will never know.


Our team members


Herman Oliver is the Founder and Director of Paradise Patties.

Managing Director

Delsie Johnson is the Managing Director of Paradise Patties.

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